Be joyful in HOPE,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Share with the Lord’s
people who are in need.
Romans 12:12-13

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Listen to God’s Advice!

“The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.” Proverbs 12:15 The nine-year-old boy was pitching for his little league team. It wasn’t going well, as he was walking batter after batter. When the team finally got back to the dugout, his dad said, “Pitch from the stretch.”…

Theater Bible School

Calling all kids ages 5 and up!  Come to Theater Bible School at Hope Lutheran Church!  We will be learning and performing fun plays from playwright Peter Bloedel, including “The Tower of Babel”.  It will be an awesome time learning new skills, making friends, eating snacks and learning of the love Jesus has for you!…

God, I want to be happy

          Have you ever thought or prayed that? This Sunday at 9:00am we begin a new Bible class discussion on happiness. Some of the questions that we will answer in the coming weeks include: What makes us happy? Why do we become unhappy? How can I stay happy even in difficult…