Be joyful in HOPE,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Share with the Lord’s
people who are in need.
Romans 12:12-13

A Message from the Pastor (Page 2)

A Thankful Thanksgiving in Jesus

As Thanksgiving approaches and especially on Thanksgiving Day individuals and families reflect on what they have to be thankful for in the past year. There are many families that have had significant events that have taken place. For    instance a loved one who was in serious condition and was not expected to    survive…

Do Not Be Afraid

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone but the damage remains. At the end of the storm hundreds of homes have been damaged. So much has gone wrong and many are left afraid. What would we expect? If disasters came through our living rooms wouldn’t we be anxious and afraid? Isaiah, a prophet, knew disasters too.…


I suppose you might call it faith if you believe in the sun, even on a cloudy day.  We probably all have that kind of faith.  There are places where it might cloud over for weeks at a time.  It’s easy to get discouraged by the grey sky.  Yet, even in cloudy weather, we know…

The Resurrection Proves You Are Forgiven

Where is the evidence?  We are fortunate to live in a country where one must be proven guilty.  The presumption of innocence is central to our legal system.  The lawyers involved in a court case present evidence to support their claims of guilt or innocence for the accused.  A baseless claim will be met with…

I, Will Remember Their Sins No more

Have you seen them?  It only happens once a year, buy you have probably noticed.  They walk around with that “black stuff” on their foreheads.  It looks like it is in the shape of a cross.  What’s that about? It is about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent.  The black stuff…

God Remembers Our Sins No More!

Cleaning stains can be a frustrating task because they can be very difficult to remove.  One way to deal with a stain is to cover it up.  You can paint over it, but it so often bleeds through again.  If it’s on the carpet, you can steam clean it, but after it dries it can come right back up.  Frustrating!!!!

Jesus, Name Above All Names

What makes a Christmas tree a Christmas tree? Is it the bright-shining lights? The beautiful garland and strings of colorful beads? Maybe it is your favorite ornaments. Many would argue that a Christmas tree just isn’t a Christmas tree until the star is put on the top. Without the star, something is missing. The Christmas…