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A Thankful Thanksgiving in Jesus

As Thanksgiving approaches and especially on Thanksgiving Day individuals and families reflect on what they have to be thankful for in the past year. There are many families that have had significant events that have taken place. For    instance a loved one who was in serious condition and was not expected to    survive…

Do Not Be Afraid

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone but the damage remains. At the end of the storm hundreds of homes have been damaged. So much has gone wrong and many are left afraid. What would we expect? If disasters came through our living rooms wouldn’t we be anxious and afraid? Isaiah, a prophet, knew disasters too.…

God Remembers Our Sins No More!

Cleaning stains can be a frustrating task because they can be very difficult to remove.  One way to deal with a stain is to cover it up.  You can paint over it, but it so often bleeds through again.  If it’s on the carpet, you can steam clean it, but after it dries it can come right back up.  Frustrating!!!!

Ground Breaking Service!

2016 was a busy and exciting year but it looks like 2017 will be bringing even more wonderful changes! One of the first things happening in 2017 at Hope Lutheran Church is breaking ground in January for the new church building. Hope will be celebrating this historic day with a Ground Breaking Service! This will…

New Year's Day Service!

New Year’s Day Service! Bring in 2017 with our gracious Savior.  Church is at 10:00am and will have plenty of coffee.  Bible study and Sunday school classes will still be on break and resume January 8th.