Be joyful in HOPE,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Share with the Lord’s
people who are in need.
Romans 12:12-13

Almost Swept Away

When you’re a kid, and you go to the beach, lifeguards are the mean people who enforce the rules and ruin your fun.  Maybe later in life before you have kids of your own, you think lifeguards are necessary because so many parents are careless and negligent.  When you’re the parent, things look different.  You say thanks to the lifeguards.  You’re grateful for them, and don’t even give a thought to what they might think of you.

Now you’re glad they’re there, because the waters can be so swift, the children can move so fast, and with one step, a child can be in over his head.  Even in a little, family-friendly pool, with a little current to provide a lazy river, kids can be swept under.  A dad stands in water to his waist, and before you know it, a little boy is being pulled away.  Dad doesn’t even realize what’s happening.

That’s when the lifeguard jumps in.  Dad rushes to him.  The child is safely back in the arms of his parents.  With a very large lump in his throat, Dad thanks the lifeguard, and does all he can to reassure the boy.  Meanwhile, kicking himself, “And we were only trying to have fun.”  Thank God for lifeguards, and for others who keep an eye out: people watching out for each other.

As we look forward to summer vacation, as we get busy with life, and recreation, and so on… what carries you along?

God speaks to you, giving you safety.  He forgives sins and comforts and gives everlasting life and salvation to all who believe.  But before you know it, the swift currents of the world can carry us away, as we try to get ahead, or just try to have fun.  Maybe we’re vaguely aware that something’s missing… maybe it no longer seems to matter.  So that you’re not swept away, God’s Word reaches out to you.  Only in Jesus Christ is there life and light in this world of death and darkness.  Only at His Word do we have safety against sin and Satan.  You are safe in the arms of your Savior when He gathers you up in the Sunday service, and when He speaks to you in His sacred Word.  That’s where all ends well – He has come to rescue you.