Be joyful in HOPE,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Share with the Lord’s
people who are in need.
Romans 12:12-13

Posts from January 2017

God Remembers Our Sins No More!

Cleaning stains can be a frustrating task because they can be very difficult to remove.  One way to deal with a stain is to cover it up.  You can paint over it, but it so often bleeds through again.  If it’s on the carpet, you can steam clean it, but after it dries it can come right back up.  Frustrating!!!!

Ground Breaking Service!

2016 was a busy and exciting year but it looks like 2017 will be bringing even more wonderful changes! One of the first things happening in 2017 at Hope Lutheran Church is breaking ground in January for the new church building. Hope will be celebrating this historic day with a Ground Breaking Service! This will…